"Live", at the Whiskey Jar. Manchester.

beep beep...

Only do this when I use loop station.

"Live" at the Whiskey Jar. Manchester

colins river

Lee from Leigh

Nationalist pageant

Nationalist pageant, performed at Semitone studios.

Comfort Food

Mountain Song

This is a film that used "Mountain Song" , as it's theme, recorded at Demon Studios Knutsford Cheshire  by Mon Duncalf

Walk On The Beach


Deep south girl

Xmas song


Circles, performed at Semitone Studios.

For absent daughters

Absent Daughter... performed at Semitone Studios.


Ventriloquist , performed at Semitone studios,

Lottery, performed at Semitone studios.

" Marrs Bar" Worcester

Supporting Small Dogs Bite

"PIPs, Lady