"Live", at the Whiskey Jar. Manchester.

beep beep...

Only do this when I use loop station.

"Live" at the Whiskey Jar. Manchester

colins river

Lee from Leigh

Nationalist pageant

Nationalist pageant, performed at Semitone studios.

Comfort Food

Mountain Song

This is a film that used "Mountain Song" , as it's theme, recorded at Demon Studios Knutsford Cheshire  by Mon Duncalf

Walk On The Beach


Xmas song


Circles, performed at Semitone Studios.

For absent daughters

Absent Daughter... performed at Semitone Studios.


Ventriloquist , performed at Semitone studios,

Lottery, performed at Semitone studios.

" Marrs Bar" Worcester

Supporting Small Dogs Bite

"PIPs, Lady