Mountain Song

Now she's living on the mountain  range.
She buys a wagon
 and she followed old McClain.
She build a cabin out of logs of wood,
She build a  roof and she covered
It in mud.
 She buys a cow in a nearby town
Trades it in fer a gun and a hound
She hunt grizzly in the middle of the night
She no mercy when she gits em in her sight
Prettiest  critter I ever done see
An all I  wants f'her to marry me
I'd kiss and cuddle with a porcupine
Or a wild raccoon if I know'd
She'd be mine.

Wind, it blows across the  plain
Turns to snow and turns to rain
Turns to dust and back again
The season's change.  The season's change.
Winters over  it  snows no more
She come down to the general  store
Fills up her wagon
With the things she needs
Trades in her furs
For a sackfull of seeds

Her old man died in 49
She gave him all her lovin
But she don't want none o' mine
She come down,  put flowers on his grave
Turn around,  an go back again
Get me a message  to Missy moon
Go shine on my girl
Say I go home  soon
That hill gets higher
Every time I  bin away
Better settle  down soon
Afore my feets give way